Our Core Existence

Khulla is a business platform that comprises of several structures: Technical Systems Development and Socio-Economical Development.

Khulla Technical Systems Development - is a business structure that promotes and support up market technologies, software development & maintenance, web development, mobile applications, programmable logical controls for various purposes. We are a team of passionate and creative professionals. We create and maintain your professional system from design to development for all types of businesses. We are fast! - Open Source Technologies helps us to deliver to our clients 10 times faster than other companies.

Khulla Socio-economical development - aims to develop and invest in developing business skills and marketing skills of people within previously disadvantaged communities through first hand practical involvement, of community members. This structure of the business ensures the development of business models for different communities that will be supplied by local enterprise. The employees of the business models will be sent to business seminars that will equip them with skills to turn ideas into profit.

What we do

We build websites and customized state of the art and web/mobile friendly systems for our clients, We also cater to all your branding requirements, design (branding, corporate identity, photography, user experience etc), domain registration, hosting services, personalized email accounts and a 24/7 support service on request.

Open Source Technologies

Open Source Technologies - We don't always build software or systems from scratch, but we look for available Open Source Technologies that have similar features and then we build on to our clients specification. Open Source Technologies helps us to deliver to our clients 10 times faster than other companies.

Business Support

As the global market grows bigger, more means of smart technology and marketing is required. We aim to be the pillars that connect the global market of our clients to their goods and services and to make our clients services known and enhance delivery through smart technology.

Our Mission

The name Khulla is derived from "Khula" of which it's fundamental meaning is to grow. Through technical and skills development the mission and vision is to have shared business values, shared profits and shared development with all stakeholders.

Our Team Lead

Khulla CEO | Entrepreneur

-Mlindisi Khoza /

Art Director | Photographer

-Azola Dyonta /

Chief Information Officer

-Phumlani Ranunu /

Lead Business Analyst

-Given Nengwane /

Technical Project Manager

-Sanele Mthembu /